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Hello good people, ow bodi? (Krio for how are you). Weekend was good I was out and about, met with some new people and a different culture but same continent. Africa is huge and vast; as you already know or don’t know I am from the West Coast of Africa, born in Sierra Leone, to a Sierra Leonean Father and a Sierra Leonean/Liberian mother with a dash of Nigeria. I have spent more years in America, than Africa, so I am multi-continent if that is a word. :-).

Hmmm!!! What is the Salone, Cameroon, Naija connection? On Sunday, I attended the dedication service of the daughter of Raymond one of my brothers from another mother, and his wife, Angeline. I met Raymond through a mutual friend, Isatu who gets her car fixed at his place, when, I needed my car fixed a few years ago. We have been friends since then and he is still my mechanic.

Let’s digress for a minute, As per Raymond he was interested in me at one time. I was like really, he said yes. But, whenever I came to his shop, I talked about God and he was not anywhere near being a Christian or even settling down, our focus was different. I was like wow, that is a gentleman for you. I can recall now that we were suppose to go out to eat a couple of times but it never occurred, due to schedule conflicts. I also remember always calling him my brother and he told me, I might have interest in you so don’t call me brother. Haha…and I laughed it off. My love for Jesus came through, without me even knowing it and I indeed gained a brother. Thank God.

Matthew 5:16, King James Version (KJV) Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

Fast forward to today, Raymond hails from the “Mezam” division in the Northwest region of Cameroon, West Africa. He comes from a Muslim and royal background, and he is actually an African prince. He says that there are over 300 Americans that have traced their roots to Cameroon through DNA, some have established and are even doing business in Cameroon.

The Pastor of the church he attends with his family, is Nigerian. Are you seeing the Salone, Cameroon and Naija connection? 🙂 The Cameroonians wore their beautiful cultural attire on Sunday. As per, Raymond it is usually worn for celebrations and joyous occasions. It was worn by the family to give thanks to the Lord for the birth and dedication of their daughter.

Motivation for you, Raymond used to work for someone until he became established and opened his own shop, right around the corner. If you need a mechanic for your foreign car he is your guy, AWA auto repair shop in College park, Md.

We come from different countries in West Africa but our love of Christ and friendship has brought us together and for that I am grateful. Make it a blessed an awesome week…Smoochess!!! Muah!!!

Salone (Sierra Leone), Cameroon and Naija (Nigeria) connection!!!! 🙂

Outfit designed by me, fabric gifted from Liberia by my friend Nancie and made by my seamstress, Mrs. Stella Harrison.

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Photo Credit: Jackie Dee, Emmanuel and Charles
Raymond: Awa Auto Repair Shop, College Park, MD
Awa Auto Repair Shop
My Outfit: Dress made by Mrs Harrison -, Jacket- Tahari Old bought from Macys
Pinterest: Pinterest/JDee73