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Mi fambul dem unu kushe, ow de bodi? (Hello family, how are you? How are you doing?) I haven’t blogged in a while.  Una osh oh, nah bage are go bage.. 🙂 (I am sorry, I can only apologize :-)). Writing is the easy part but editing pictures that is another story so hopefully, I will get that together. Plus, sometimes life gets in the way and one has to shift priorities. One thing I have noticed though, when one is passionate about something one cannot stay away from it too long. Thanks to everyone that still support even with me being away for over two months, I have over two thousand views and the last blog I did has over five hundred views, wow I am amazed, to God be all the glory.

It saddens me to announce that my friend Kahota that I wrote about in my last blog lost her dad, Dr. Thomas Kahota Kargbo may his soul rest in peace. Kahota delivered a beautiful baby girl Princess Mariama Arabella Kahota the day after her father’s death. That’s God for you, joy in the midst of sorrow. I also lost my Uncle Elmer Diggs, uncle Elmer may your soul rest in peace. So many people dying, so many chaos in the world may the Lord have mercy upon us.

I have tons of pictures to share, I don’t even know where to begin :-). I will start with the outfit I wore to Kahota’s baby shower that I never got around to posting.

She Is Back..:-)
Outfit-Skirt made by J’Meds Fashions
Tank- Walmart
Jacket Old-Ralph Lauren
Accessories- From Different Places, Some bangles from Sierra Leone,
Necklace from
Bangles from P
Photo Credit: Ahmad Sasso Thanks Bro..
Hair Braided by –Yacine