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I have not written in a couple of weeks, I was feeling blah and having one of my moments but I thank God for what he has done, what he is doing and what he is going to do in my life. These past few weeks have really been a roller coaster and I am trying to take it all in. I love pictures, and I love to get dressed up especially on Sundays for church and when I have to attend an event. God’s timing and his ways are really not ours, when he is ready to bless and do something new in our lives he does it in his time, all we need to do is to step out in faith.

Isaiah 55:9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

I took this picture and out of all the pictures I have taken all these years this one went viral, I am like wow..My friend Rina Williams sent me a whatsapp message, she said Jackie do you know you are on Sierra Leoneans Got Style? I was like wow for real? I was not only featured once but twice. Being part Sierra Leonean it is a blessing to have my peers acknowledge me. It might not be a big deal to the next person but it is to me, thank you very much Sierra Leoneoans got style and thank you my chica, my ride or live friend Rina for letting me know about it..Rina and I have know each other over fifteen years and she was like Jackie I love your blog, make sure you keep it up..:-). I will blog more about her when she is ready to share her testimony. Thanks love for the support.
Be not afraid only trust in Him, simple words but holds so much weight. I came across this song on you tube the other night whilst doing my hair. I know the musician he plays the keyboard and also leads praise and worship at my former church, Action Chapel Virginia. Anointed man of God, God bless you Paul Avery and your family; I was there when this song was recorded a couple of years ago and I am still blessed by it today.

The bible says faith without works is dead, that simply means you have asked God to do something in your life so you activate your faith by working towards to it and He will do the rest. The folks that say “God help those who help themselves” is a misquote that is not found anywhere in the bible. Just thought to drop that little nugget here. 🙂

Amazing, God you are just too much, I come from an African home and I am the oldest to my mum, you go to school and you learn something with substance, and that is what I did. I should have followed my passion and done fashion and modeling but it is never too late to start.

Be not afraid, only trust in Him, the Lord Jesus Christ the most high God!!!

Bible Verse From –
Sierra Leoneans Got Style Pictures Outfit information go here – Jackiedee73
Sierra Leoneans Got Style Facebook Page – Sierra Leoneans Got Style
Rina’s Dress is from Senegal- Contact upon request
My Skirt in the picture with Rina is from Sierra Leone made by Dorrish Scottish Boutique – Contact her here Dorrish Scottish
Top from Walmart and Sweater Old From Express
First Sunday Outfit-Jacket Old
Blouse – Express
Skirt – Chicwish
Hair Braided by Yacine
Shoes- Old bought from Macys
Be Not Afraid By Paul Avery-Be Not Afraid
Contact-Paul Avery